Staff Style - Sophie

Home Edition

Sophie is one of the first people I met at the Wagon, long before I joined the team. She is the kind of friend I hope each one of you has...a great listener, warm, approachable and radiating peace.

Sophie has killer taste in clothes, just look at that fab sequin jacket she wore to our Christmas party! But her style joy is really found in her nest. I visited Sophie's home and was mesmerized by her style and how much it showed her personality. Even in a cozy space, she has found ways to create beautiful little moments that show her femininity, her love of color and sentimental pieces that reflect herself and people that she loves dearly. 

All around Sophie's house, you see the way she layers color and metallics. The result is totally glamorous, but never fussy or intimidating. I love the way she stacks beautiful gold patterned books on top of a mirrored top table in her bedroom (above). The table (like many other pieces in her home) is a warm rose, which I love because Sophie trained as a ballerina for 10 years and I feel that you can see that influence everywhere!

Sophie's bedroom is a deeply personal space, full of tributes to people that she loves. Pictures abound on her vintage pink bookcase and antique owls are peeking out everywhere, a reminder of happy days with the Chi O's in college.

Her Christmas decorations make me smile. A very girly pink tree is covered with very boho and very SOPHIE metallic gold feathers. Two retro deer prance beside it. The mint green chair was a fabulous vintage find.

Overall, Sophie has created a space that is full of beauty, warmth and comfort. It is a home that is easy to relax in and where you want to stay a while and get to know the lovely woman who put it all together.

- Meg

Posted on December 19, 2014 .