How We Get Down for the Holidays

This weekend the Dallas Wagoneers had our Christmas Bash and it was was wild and wonderful. A couple of week ago Carley and Johnny had each of us choose our favorite ornament from the store. Little did we know that whatever ornament we chose we would then have to dress up as for the party! It was amazing to see the creativity and BEAUTY everyone had when becoming a deer, pick-up truck, Chief or a hedgehog!

The night started with a very special dinner prepared by Chef DAT. We feasted on pork tostadas, lobster soup drizzled with Alba truffle oil and venison. It was elegant, festive and so delicious.

Throughout the evening we played games, exchanged Secret Santa gifts and talked about how each Wagoneer brings us joy. And no Gypsy Wagon party is complete without DANCING, so we strolled through Deep Ellum in our ornament costumes and danced the rest of the night away to Heartbyrne, a fabulous Talking Heads cover band.

The entire night was magical, sweet and so much fun. I am so lucky to be a part of this special team.

- Meg

Posted on December 15, 2014 .