Wagoneer(s) of the Week

Happy New Year, Gypsies!!

The start of a new year brings so many wonderful moments. Opportunities for fresh starts, clean slates, resolutions, new goals, better attitudes and whatever else you choose to make of it. The new year also is a time to reflect on the year that has passed and see just how far you have come in 365 short days.

Our Wagoneer(s) of the Week are all of The Gypsy Wagon staff! There are new faces (in locations new and old), and veterans who have worked at the Wagon for years, but still approach every day with fresh perspectives. These Wagoneers are each so unique, but without exception, each woman (and Johnny!) approaches every day with humor, grace, dedication and warm smiles.

Thank you to Saren, Julie and Amber (Crested Butte), Courtney, Amy, Ashley, Julia, Johnny, Molly, Belle, Katie, Gentry, Lindsey, Sophie, Carley, Dana, Samm, Alika, Caroline and Nicole (Dallas), Maggie, Martha, Scarlet, Cristina, and Courtney (Austin).

- Meg

Posted on January 2, 2015 .