Wagoneer of the Week - Caroline

This cute little globe-trotter is Caroline. She is one of the newest members of Team Gypsy Wagon, but already her impact has been huge. Caroline has an authentically positive outlook on just about every situation. She is a wanderer, a seeker of beauty in surprising places, and has a wicked sense of humor.  Oh, and she hops. Yes, she has the sweetest little bounce when something gets her excited. It's pretty adorable.

In keeping with our tradition of asking quirky questions, I asked Caroline to fill us in a little more on herself.

Where are your favorite places to shop (after TGW, of course!)?

Local thrift shops

Who are your three favorite designers to follow?

For Love and Lemons, Hack with Design, Industry of All Nations

What is your spirit animal?

A female hummingbird

What is your recipe for happiness?

Optimism and growth. 

Love and sharing. 

Nature, people, animals.

Music, dancing, cooking.

Knowing the feeling of being alive. I mean, there are so many ingredients to happiness! Happiness is everywhere! 

What is your life motto?

You learn to do a lot of things that matter by doing a lot of things that don't matter, and so in the long run, they matter. Respect the experiments. 

What is your favorite dish to cook?

Moroccan cous-cous and chicken tagine

What is your song for spring?

Conrad by Ben Howard

What is something that some people around you may not know?

I can speak Arabic.

What is your style recipe?

Mix and match...everything, it feels good to express yourself. If I wake up late, no worries, the simple minimalistic look is another go to. 

My "go-to" layers are often maxi dresses, kimonos, vintage t-shirts, socks and sandals, and hats.

How would you define your style?

It's hard to categorize my style. One day I feel like Stevie Nicks, the next I could be Mary-Kate Olsen. It all depends on my vibe that morning. 

I'm inspired! I'm listening to Conrad right now, daydreaming about trips to Morocco to eat and take pictures of the landscape. With Caroline as my tour guide!

- Meg

Posted on January 23, 2015 .