DIY - Night Out Braids

Just in time for the weekend, our Dallas Store Chief, Molly, and Belle-of-the-beautiful-hair came to our studio to give me a weekend braid DIY tutorial! I love the idea of pretty, unstructured, feminine hair for a night out with friends or a special date. Molly did these styles in no time and gave me step by step directions, so you and I can try them tonight!

First we have The Unicorn Tail. A dreamy partial updo that works with hair of all types and most lengths from the shoulders and longer.

Start with your hair loose and textured with a little wave or just some texturizing spray so it can hold the modified fishtail braid.

Next, sweep most of your hair to one side. Gather the top half and create a fishtail braid that falls over one shoulder. Fishtails are easy, but look more special than the typical three stand braid. Divide the top portion of your hair into two sections. Take a small outer piece from one of the sections of your hair and cross it over to the other side. This piece is now a part of the second section. Next, take a small outer piece from the second section of hair and cross it over to the section you started with. Repeat the criss-crossing pattern until you get towards the bottom of your hair and secure with an elastic band. Don't panic if it doesn't look ultra tight and "styled". That is NOT the look you're going for! See, no pressure.

Now start at the top of your braid and loosen up the individual sections. Gently pull outward, so the braid becomes wider and looser. Work from the top down until you are happy with the piecey, "my hair is naturally so gorgeous and effortless" look.

Gently work your fingers through the portion of your hair that is still down to loosen up your waves and allow the braid to settle in naturally to the rest of your hair.

Sweep the entire "do" over your shoulder and you are ready! Patio cocktails, anyone?

The Thunderbird is an awesome mega-braid. It creates the look of TONS of hair, because there is essentially a braid woven through another braid. This style works best with hair that falls past the shoulders.

Just like with the Unicorn Tail, start with hair that has lots of texture. A big-barreled curling iron is a good place to start, so the final braid is nice and full.

Next, divide hair into a top and bottom section. Gather the lower section over one shoulder and create a loose, classic, three strand braid.

Next, make a fishtail braid out of the top section. If you are unsure how, use the directions from the Unicorn Tail found above. You want this braid to fall over the same shoulder as the lower braid.

Your hair should be looking something like the picture above at this point.

Gently loosen the fishtail braid from the top all the way to the bottom by pulling outward so you have a nice, wide, unstructured look.

Take the lower braid and wrap it over the fishtail so it is lying on top. About a third of the way down, push it through until it comes out the back. Continue to weave in and out a time or two depending on the length of your hair. Gently work the two braids into each other with your fingers, securing with pins when you have a bohemian, loose, voluminous braid. When you are pleased, secure the ends together with a single rubber band and wrap with a small section of hair from the bottom.

The final look. Easy, unstructured, dramatic and very boho goddess!

I hope you all have somewhere fun to debut your new braids this weekend. I'll be trying one out myself. And stay tuned. Molly and Belle taught me how to create a romantic, fairy tale style perfect for Valentine's Day. DIY instructions coming soon...

- Meg

Posted on January 30, 2015 .