DIY - We Heart You Bracelets

Some of you may be going through adorable heart withdrawal now that the commercial season of love has passed...I think I am! But friendship knows no season, and friendship bracelets {with hearts} are a cute little accessory to gift or wear yourself any time.

Many of you may remember how to create a traditional chevron patterned friendship bracelet. If you are a little rusty, here is a helpful video to remind you about the knotting pattern. To create the heart shapes, we will do just a little variation to the chevron pattern.

Supplies are easy for this project! Two colors of embroidery floss, a pair of scissors and either tape or a clipboard to secure your bracelet while you are working on it.

Cut four 30" lengths of each color of embroidery floss (that's eight total). Tie a knot at the top, leaving about 3" above the knot to give you plenty of room to tie it on your wrist when you are finished.

Secure your bracelet to your working surface with tape or just use a clipboard to hold it steady. Separate the strands into mirror images of each other. I did (left side) red, blue, red, blue - (right side) blue, red, blue, red. The first few steps are just like the chevron bracelets you used to make!

Starting on the left side begin your first knot by making a number four with the first two strands. You will be working from the outside in.

Loop and pull firmly to the top. Repeat this knot a second time.

Continue with your first strand (mine was red) and make two more forward facing knots over the next strand.

Make two more forward facing knots over the last strand on your left hand side. Your original strand should be in the middle of the bracelet now.

Now you are repeating the steps in a mirror image. Create a backwards four with the two strands on the far right. I am crossing red over blue in my bracelet.

Knot and pull firmly up. Twice! Always twice!

Repeat the backwards four knot all the way to the middle. When you reach the center, make a backward four over the two middle strands to secure both sides of your bracelet together. Now those strands have switched sides.

Return to the first side and repeat your forward knot from the outside to the middle. Then do the mirror image pattern from the right side in. Don't forget to make the backward knot with the two middle strands so they once again switch places. At this point you should have done two complete cycles of the traditional chevron pattern and your bracelet should be looking something like the picture above.

This is where you do a little something different to create the heart shape. One the left hand side, cross the second strand (mine is blue) over the first in a backward knot. Still knot twice.

Immediately move to the right side and cross the second strand over the outermost in a forward knot.

Return to the left side. With the far left strand out of the way, make forward facing knots in to the middle. Repeat the mirror image with backward knots on the right side, continuing to cross the middle strands at the end of each row.

Repeat the special step a second time. A backward knot on the left, a forward knot on the right, forward knots in to the middle on the left, backward knots in to the middle on the right.

As a quick review you should now have completed two regular rows and two special rows. Your bracelet should look like mine above.

Start the pattern over, beginning with regular rows. After your next two regular rows you should see your first heart emerge. Yay!

Continue the steps until the bracelet reaches your desired length and knot it off at the bottom.

This is an adorable and fun activity to keep your hands busy while unwinding with a show at the end of the day. The hardest part is deciding which friend to give to first!

- Meg

Posted on February 19, 2015 .