On this chilly morning Katie walks into our office, dressed in a thrifted Harley Davidson tee, high waisted flare jeans, vintage hat (coffee in hand), having just been dropped off from the back of an Iron 883 motorcycle. Like most days, she looks as if she stepped out of some obscure rock album cover from the 70s. On Katie's off days she can be found hunting for antiques for her cozy Oak Cliff apartment or hanging out at her boyfriend's barber shop, Brass Tacks.

Katie is one of those girls who lights up the room when she walks in. She goes the extra mile to make everyone smile, laugh, and feel like a part of the family. People are drawn to her energy. She will do anything for a laugh. At any given time at The Wagon, Katie is busting out a new dance move or doing impressions. When Katie is helping our customers they get the feeling of shopping with their best friend. She is open, honest, and has a servant heart. She is a rare gem.


Today she is feeling anxious to talk about her big news: Katie just signed to Campbell Modeling Agency here in Dallas. She has worked so hard for this dream and all of the Wagoneers are feeling the excitement. Katie sits across from me with Lower Dens turning on the record player, ready to chat.

What kind of kid were you? I was a girly-girl in how I wanted to dress, but at the same time, I wanted to be outside playing in the mud and making potions out of flowers. I was never afraid of getting dirty. I was very wild at home. I saved all my silliness for my family. Around anyone else I was awkward. Tall & awkward. That's a hard combo as a kid, but is now something that I'm thankful for.

Where do you find inspiration? That's hard. I get it from everywhere! People that I meet, things I see online, icons like Brigitte Bardot & Jane Birkin. I get inspired by 70s era rock n roll. The style & the music. Traveling to new places inspires me to see things differently. Even if its just a new quirky neighborhood.

How do you describe your style? Rock n Roll w/ feminine touches.

What are your "must have" staple items in your closet? Easy. A vintage graphic tee. Leather jacket. Super skinny jean. Black ankle bootie. The perfect hat.

What are things you can't live without? Duh. My boyfriend Brandon. I mean, I could survive, but life wouldn't be as cool. COFFEE! No. 1. Not really, but kind of...yea. Music--Definitely need music. Music gets my mood and vibe going first thing in the morning. It's super important to me. Vintage shops. My family. Road trips--as often as humanly possible. Helps you reconnect and make new discoveries. 

What is currently playing on your record player? Nikki Lane.

What are your guilty pleasures? Sex in the City, anything sweet to munch on, and Coldplay.

What is something that you are most proud of? I've recently started selling succulents in found objects, and reselling vintage clothing. It's a fun new project for me to be creative with. And, getting signed with The Campbell Agency, just this month. It was a huge step for me to build my confidence up to a level that made me ready for this challenge. I'm so excited to see where it leads me.

What's the best advice you've ever received and who was it from? Just this week I watched a documentary on "Style Like You", where they interviewed Leslie Crow from Heyoka Leather. She had this whole message about staying true to yourself, and taking your own path in life that really resinated with me. How to disconnect from social media and focus on yourself more. It was a great reminder.

Master Katie's signature look with these key pieces:

Posted on February 18, 2016 .