A Day at Marburger Farms

You can feel the magic buzzing as you drive down Highway 237. Fields of wildflowers and pastures of longhorns fill the space between the 11 miles of antique shopping ahead. As we drove past the fields of red, it was clear that the Indian paintbrush had stolen the show from the bluebonnets this Spring. They were incredible. Texas Antiques Week in Round Top, TX is held twice a year in the Spring and Fall, with over 60 different fields of antiques. By fields, they are literally ranches and pastureland that normally are filled with farm animals or hayfields. But for over two weeks the area is overtaken by antique dealers from all over the country. The field we are heading to is called Marburger Farm, 43 acres of antique heaven. This exposition in particular only lasts for one week and plays host to over 350 vendors. Some people refer to Marburger as the creme of the crop of Antiques Week.

It is opening morning of Marburger and the entire shopping area is taped off with caution tape. The show opens at 9am, the crowds are lined up waiting. Carley (Head Wagoneer), Sophie (Buyer) and I were there at 8am to grab coffee (very necessary) and get in line to be the first at our favorite vendors. At 9am sharp the tape is cut, a whistle is blown and we were off to the races! Sophie and I were caught off guard and lost Carley quickly in the crowd. We are pretty sure she was actually running. She knew exactly where she was headed, while we were slowed by distractions of turquoise and mermaid statues. Could you blame us? We caught up with her at the Fluff booth by Stephanie Tally, to shop her unique and eclectic selection of antique goods that are put together beautifully and seamlessly. (Stephanie also has a featured booth at Curiosities in Dallas, TX.) We caught up just in time to see Carley's first purchases of a vintage concrete donkey and cart, the perfect turquoise bolo and a few mid-mod lamps.

From there we were non-stop. Ooing and awwing, lusting, and buying, and getting inspired for future displays for our stores and our homes. We spent loads of time hunting for the perfect vintage turquoise jewelry. Carley and Sophie's attention to detail is on point. Squash blossoms are very popular right now, but that does not mean that they choose any and every one that they saw. They look for the special ones, the ones that make us all weak in the knees. This careful thought is put into each purchase made.

We visit a with few of our artist and vendor friends who have tents like Totem Salvaged, Dolan Geiman and Vintage Sculpture. Another favorite is Found Images from whom we purchased a faux-taxidermy deer bust (pictured below). This bust is a bohemian dream, covered with a vintage, pink, indian fabric. A true stunner. We received compliment after compliment as we carried it to our truck. It is a special experience for me, not being a buyer, to get to meet these designers in person and see their complete collections. It allows the pieces we have in our stores to become more personal. 

Dolan Geiman, a Denver based mixed media artist, had a spectacular, one-of-a-kind butterfly light that had our hearts a flutter. It took 500 hand-cut metal butterflies to make! Amazing!

The worst part about our trip was that we had to leave Marburger early to load up previous purchases around town. That night we drove back to Dallas melancholy that it was over, but excited to show off our new found treasures. Be sure to look out on Instagram for our Round Top items to debut!

Posted on April 6, 2016 .