Memorial Day Vintage Market

Staying in town this Memorial Day weekend? Lucky you! Our Dallas location is hosting a Memorial Day Vintage Market this Saturday with a few of our friends from the antiques world: Caitlin Brax of Alex & Afton Vintedge, Bailey Rohlfing of Green Acres, and Molly Gibbons of Amazing Vintage Boots. If you have shopped our antique vendors at Swap and Flea you will recognize these faces. We invited these three fabulously-retro ladies to showcase their best findings for a one day pop-up shop.

Caitlin, Bailey and Molly have cultivated some seriously lust-worthy styles in their vintage shops. Each shop holds their own unique selection of goods from one-of-kind caftans to loads of macrame, to mid-century furniture. Wait until you see the Great Wall of Boots that Molly creates outside our store! Jaws will drop. 

What inspires these local ladies and how did they get their start? Read on to get to know these gals and get a few sneak peaks of what is to come this Saturday!

Alex & Afton Vintedge (Instagram: @aavintedge / Website:

Our passion is vintage everything. From the clothing we collect, to the heirloom pieces in our homes, to the pastimes we enjoy. Give us a hammock and a mint julep over standing in line at the Apple store any day. We strive to provide vintage clothing that can blend in with a modern lifestyle. We do not do costume-y vintage.

Nonchalant. Undone. Cool. Those are the 3 words we think best describe the AAVintedge client.

How did you know this is what you wanted to be doing?

I worked in Los Angeles for 7 years in the fashion industry. My time out there was imperative in building my work ethic and nurturing my love for this business. I was bit, and it's never going away. 

Where did your love of vintage come from?

My mom always bought us cool vintage tee shirts when we were in high school. I carried that love for vintage to LA when I worked there. In my fancy boutique, clients always wanted what I was wearing instead of the DVF I was bringing to their fittings. I began to realize I had a knack for buying cool vintage clothing for the modern girl. Mom has been instrumental in all of this. She sews all of our peasant tops, jumpsuits, caftans, and more. She uses vintage fabrics and patterns. Our clients go crazy for them! Go mom!

How do you decide what your style of vintage clothing and antiques will be?

Our clients are the cool kids. They love the 1970s disco rock and roll hippie grunge magic 90s minimal look. Basically they are flexible and rad and we are lucky they love our vibe so we get to sell what we love. Which is basically the gamut of vintage style. 

What is your favorite thing you have ever found thrifting? 

This stunning metallic gold vintage gown that would blow your mind. Jen Auerbach (Black Keys frontman Dan Auerebach's wife) actually wore it on the Grammy red carpet when the Black Keys were nominated in 2015. She looked like goddess and our business really increased after her photos came out. So grateful for that magic moment! 

What are your biggest inspirations currently?

Our clients. Cher in the 1970s. Allison Mosshart always. Llolita. Virgin Suicides. And my number one obsession forever is the aesthetic in the film Urban Cowboy. Bodysuits and Wranglers and Debra Winger on the bull. 

Green Acres (Instagram: @greenacres0619 / Everyday home: Lula B's Antique Mall)

How did you know the antiquing game was for you?

I always enjoyed finding vintage housewares. The opportunity opened up for a booth at Lula B's and I took it! It was a little bit of good timing and fate. I've always loved the thrill of the hunt. Going out to flea markets and garage sales, not knowing what treasures are waiting for you...It's so fun. I love that being a part of my job.

How do you decide what style of antiques you want to go for?

I base it on my own style and what I see trending on Instagram. I love that my favorite things are so on trend right now. The 70s bungalow has everyone vibing.

What is your favorite thing you've ever found thrifting?

Franciscan Starburst china, circa 1964. It reminds me of the excitement of waiting 6+ hours with my mom out front of estate sales. 

Where did your love of vintage come from?

My mom has great style and LOVES a bargain--She taught me all I know.

What are your biggest inspirations currently?

Justina Blakeney from The Jungalow, and Grace Bonney from Design Sponge.

Amazing Vintage Boots (Instagram: @amazing_vintage_boots / Everyday home: Lula B's Antique Mall)

"Life is mostly attitude and timing." Jerry Jeff Walker

How did you get started in the antique business?

It was a fluke! I cleaned out my closet one day and decided to sell an old pair of boots I had on Ebay. They sold immediately! It just clicked for me that this could be a job, and a really fun one at that.

Where did your love of vintage come from?

My mother would take me antique shopping when I was a child, and it is one of my most treasured memories. 

What is your favorite thing you have ever found thrifting?

My purple Liberty boots!

Come by The Wagon this Saturday from 10-6 to shop and meet our friends in person! They'll be here rain or shine.

Posted on May 24, 2016 .