Daisy Natives Meets The Wagon

There is not much we love more than some serious girl power. A girl who creates her own path and her own set of rules, a girl with confidence and individuality, a girl with imagination and sparkle, a girl with heart, a girl boss through and through. This girl is Sarah Lapp. And we are obsessed.

Sarah is owner and designer of Daisy Natives, a lifestyle brand geared to "confetti throwers, champagne clinkers, and sassy kittens". At The Wagon, WE ARE ALL THESE THINGS! Her t-shirts make us feel as if she has peered into our souls. With mantras like Tacos & Champagne and Donuts & Rosé (what better combos are there?) to Dreamers Never Sleep and our all time favorite Girls Support Girls, we feel right at home.

Upon meeting Sarah, and having a major fan girl moment, we quickly realized we had to get Daisy Natives into The Wagon, so we invited her to host her first-ever pop up shop in our Austin store. Sunday, August 28, from 12-4 Sarah will be in store for you to meet, or in her words "experience her awkwardness", and shop till you drop! Every girl needs a few (or a lot) of cute, comfy tees to run around town in right?

Read on to get to know Sarah before the show, and get a glimpse of how she meshes her tees in with our new fall styles.

What inspired you to start Daisy Natives? I needed an escape from my everyday routine. I always found myself looking for a graphic tee or accessory that didn't exist yet so with $75 worth of fabric and a sewing machine I got as a Christmas gift, Daisy Natives was born. A few days later, I listed five handmade headwraps on Etsy, and the rest is history! Obviously, Daisy Natives has encountered some big changes over the past year and a half but that's what makes it so fun!

Where did the name come from? I wish I could tell you a cool story about how the name came to be, but honestly, I just remember waking up with it in my head one night and wrote it down. I'm thinking the thought process went a little something like this: Daisies are my favorite flower- care free, the kind of flower you'd just pick and stick in your hair. I think the word "Natives" came from not wanting to forget where I came from and who I am. It's easy to get sucked into the blackhole that is social media and obsessing over becoming someone you're not. Be true to yourself and you'll be much happier. I knew I wanted to create a brand around that. 

Where do you draw inspiration? Oh gosh, EVERYWHERE! Old movies, new music, changing seasons, pop culture, exploring unfamiliar places, FOOD, color schemes, funny things my husband says, and unexpected late night heart to hearts with my best friends over a bottle of wine, to name a few. There is literally inspiration everywhere!

What are your favorite spots in Austin? I've only been here for a little over two months BUT, The Gypsy Wagon (because, duh), Blue Velvet Vintage, Alamo Drafthouse, Jo's for coffee, Freedmen's for BBQ, Snooze for brunch, Torchy's or Tacodeli for tacos, Hillside Farmacy for happy hour! I just sound like a hungry tourist so suggestions are always welcome! 

What is your favorite thing to do when you aren’t working? I'm such an introvert so I LOVE binging on Netflix shows, trying new recipes, and discovering new music. But when I'm not being a hermit, I love driving with no real destination, thrifting, meeting new friends for happy hour, finding the best Bloody Mary, and going to see the weirdest documentary playing at Alamo Drafthouse with my husband. 

What are your biggest guilty pleasures? I love all things late '90s, early '00s. Movies, music, fashion, celebrities, you name it. I LOVE IT ALL! Two movies I will NEVER get tired of (and watch at least once a week) are The Parent Trap and Princess Diaries. And, sometimes I go through these phases where I'll only listen to Sugar Ray or Blink 182. Also, I have to get a cup of nacho cheese with my popcorn at the movies. Don't knock it till ya try it!

What are your dreams for Daisy Natives? I just want to keep making things that people love! It is the best feeling in the world to read or hear that Daisy Natives is someone's favorite brand! That's all I can ask for. But, if I'm being honest, I'd love to one day have a little studio space outside of my apartment and a team of badass creatives to join me on this crazy ride! 

Daisy Natives X The Gypsy Wagon

Sunday, August 28 from 12-4

The Gypsy Wagon Austin

Posted on August 22, 2016 .